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    US Coal Bag と Helmet Bag を掛け合わせたデザインが特徴のBase Tote。前面に大きなポケットが2つと内側に1つ、合計3つのポケットがあり収納力を持つHelmet Bagの特徴と重たいものを運搬するために存在したCoal Bag 特有の短いハンドルを併せ持つデザインとなっております。また、内側上部には簡易的に使用できるショルダーベルトも内蔵しているので両手をつかいたい時など、シチュエーションに合わせた使い方もできる仕様となっております。












    About specifications:

    The Base Tote features a design that combines the US Coal Bag and the Helmet Bag. It has two large pockets on the front and one inside, and has a total of three pockets, and has a design that combines the features of the Helmet Bag with storage capacity and the short handle peculiar to the Coal Bag, which existed to carry heavy items. . In addition, there is a built-in shoulder belt that can be easily used on the upper part of the inside, so you can use it according to the situation, such as when you want to use both hands.


    *Please note that there may be color transfer due to water wetness or friction.

    *Please note that the color, texture, and specifications of the fabric may differ depending on the time of production.

    Base Tote XL

    • material: 18oz Army Duck Paraffin Coating

      size: H480mm W650mm D180mm

      origin: Made in Japan

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