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  • トートバッグの王道とも言える Boat&Tote をベースにデザインしたBase Field Tote。Base Tote同様、前面には3分割のポケットと、後ろ面外側のハンドル間にスマホや鍵を入れておくのにちょうど良いサイズの合計4つのポケットがあり収納力を備えております。ハンドルは肩がけと手持ちの2通りができる長さに設定しておりますので色んなシーンでお使いいただけるユーティリティーさも魅力です。使用している生地はBase Toteと同じ当時のUSアーミーダック規格を忠実に再現したアーミーダックを採用。ダブルボトム仕様でしっかりと自立するので荷物の出し入れもスムーズです。





    Base Field Tote designed based on Boat & Tote, which can be said to be the royal road of tote bags. Like the Base Tote, there are 3 pockets on the front and a total of 4 pockets that are just the right size to put your smartphone or keys between the handles on the outside of the back. The handle is set to a length that allows you to carry it over your shoulder or hold it in your hand, making it a versatile item that can be used in a variety of situations. The fabric used is Army Duck, which faithfully reproduces the same US Army Duck standard as Base Tote. The double bottom design allows it to stand on its own, making it easy to load and unload items. *Please note that there may be color transfer due to water wetness or friction. *Please note that the color, texture, and specifications of the fabric may differ depending on the time of production.

    Base Field Tote XL

    • material: 18oz Army Duck Paraffin Coating

      size: H430mm W650mm D200mm

      origin: Made in Japan

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